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Reviews Of Dr. Bergh & Bergh Orthodontics Of Glendale, CA

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Dr. Bergh Is Excellent!
Two of my children have had Dr. Bergh for their braces.  My son just finished treatment and has a beautiful smile.  It was pain free for him because he had Invisalign Teen.  It was pain free for me because the appointments went so smoothly, we were always seen on time, and the office staff is so friendly.
best orthodontist in glendale californiaHeidi C.

Best Orthodontist Office! Period!!
I’ve recently visited 3 other orthodontic offices for second opinions for my daughter’s upcoming treatment (my son has been a patient of Dr. Bergh for years) and by far the experience at Dr. Bergh’s is unparalleled!  My daughter will receive her treatment nowhere else!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAStephy K.

This Is The Only Place To Come!
I cannot say enough about Dr. Bergh and his staff! They have been so nice and honest with my son and his treatment plan. No surprises and always on time with our appointments. Two more boys behind him.  If we need braces, this is the only place to come!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAHeather D.

A Wonderful Experience!
My daughter had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bergh!  The staff is very kind and helpful.  Dr. Bergh explained everything clearly.  The facility is perfectly set up as a kid friendly/family friendly environment.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASusana T.

I Recommend Dr. Bergh Without Hesitation!
My daughter, Lindsay, is a patient of Dr. Bergh for her braces and orthodontic treatment.  Braces are never a fun thing, but Dr. Bergh’s office makes the easy and efficient.  The office is easy to get to, appointments are on time, and the staff is always helpful and courteous.  I recommend Dr. Bergh without hesitation.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAAli S.

I Feel Very Comfortable And Confident With My Care.
I was met by Carrie with a warm welcome.  She is always professional and friendly.  Dr. Bergh is highly professional and never seems rushed.  He answers my questions and is very supportive. I feel very comfortable and confident with my care.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CADiane D. (age 68)

I Highly Recommend Dr. Bergh!
Dr. Bergh’s office is extremely well run and his staff is friendly and professional.  My two children are patients of the office and we have never had to wait for our appointment and the Doctor is always available to answer questions.  I highly recommend Dr. Bergh.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAEvan S.

I Found Myself Praising All Aspects Of Your Office.
I just wanted to send you a thank you.  I just had a friend ask me about our orthodontist. I found myself writing her an email praising all aspects of you, your office, your staff, the newsletter, and treatment.  I recommended you highly and she intends to come in for an evaluation.

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to show our appreciation for people that take that extra step and make our lives happier.

I just wanted to thank you and I appreciate all you do for your clients, the kids and the community.
Have a great day and we’ll see you soon.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAVanessa W. (Megan’s mom)

I Love My Teeth After Invisalign!
A positive experience. Pleasant and efficient staff. No waiting for appointments. I received the exact procedure that I had expected. So glad Dr. Bergh was recommended to me. I love my teeth after having completed the Invisalign series.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJudi Z.  (age 63)

I’m So Thankful for Invisalign!
Dear Dr. Bergh,
This is week 2 of the Invisalign braces. I’m so thankful to be able to them out to eat every day.
If it wasn’t for you expertise, I’m sure I’d have to do the silver wire and rubber band thing that others have to do who don’t have an expert like you to help them! Thanks,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAGrace G.

I Love Dr. Bergh’s Office!
I love Dr. Bergh‘s office! Everyone is courteous and excellent at their jobs and
Dr. Bergh is giving me the perfect smile.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMichael M.

Absolutely the Best!
Dr. Bergh and his entire staff are absolutely the best! He is very caring with his patients and explains everything with fine detail. I am extremely happy he is my Orthodontist.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CARick B.

The Best Customer Service!
You have the best customer service procedures that I have ever encountered at a dental office. I am very impressed. Keep up the amazing work.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASue T.

We Are Treated With The Utmost Respect.
It’s always a pleasant experience to come and keep our appointments because we don’t have to wait, and we are treated with the utmost respect.  Keep up the excellent job you all are doing!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CACharlene D.

Top Notch!!
This is really a Top-Notch Facility!! The staff is very friendly and Dr. Bergh wonderful! They think of everything to make your visits as pleasant as possible.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALucas W.

A Caring Bunch
Dr. Bergh‘s staff is the most consistently professional, warm and caring bunch!  What do they put in the coffee in that office?
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAStephanie K.

Thank You For The Happy & Healthy Smile
Dr. Bergh and his staff are kind, courteous, and very professional.  The office is very clean, well-organized, and comfortable for patients.  THANK YOU FOR THE HAPPY & HEALTHY SMILE!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAEmily P.

My Teeth Are In Good Hands
My experience with Dr. Bergh and his staff has been fantastic.  They are professional, courteous, friendly and exact.  My teeth are in good hands.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMark B

I Love To Go To Dr. Bergh’s Office
I love to go to Dr Bergh‘s office! The office is always so immaculate and all the staff are so nice and have smiles on their faces all the time!  If you want to have a great experience and great results then go to Dr Bergh’s office because I tell from my own experience :)!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CADiana C.

We Felt Very Welcome and Completely Comfortable
Both my son and I felt very welcome and completely comfortable. Dr. Bergh even took the time to come out to the waiting room, shake my hand, and talk with me.  All the staff were exceptionally friendly. I could not have asked for a better experience.  You have to try this practice to believe what excellent service feels like!!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CADarlene S.

Always a Positive Visit
It’s always a positive visit.  I’ve never had any complaints.  Terrific staff!!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASandra R.

I Love Your Office and Your Staff
I love your office and your staff. Very well organized and professional. My 10 year old enjoys her every single visit to your office. She can’t wait for her next appointment. After visiting many offices to choose her orthodontist she picked your office!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CACarine

My Daughter’s Teeth are Perfect
My oldest daughter was treated by Dr. Bergh and her teeth are perfect.  When it came time for our youngest to visit the orthodontist, I didn’t hesitate to contact Dr. Bergh‘s office again.  They are professional and incentivize the kids to take responsibility for their own upkeep and care.  We look forward to another set of perfect teeth.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMaddy H.

Dr. Bergh and Staff are the Best!
I’ve always had very positive things to say about every office visit.  Not only have my daughter and myself been patient, but soon my son will be too.  Dr Bergh and staff are the best!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASandra R.

I’ve Loved My Experience Here
I’ve loved my experience here.  The staff are really nice.  They’re really friendly.  They do a great job!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CABrandon B.

You’re the Best Orthodontist EVER!
Dear Dr. Bergh,
Thanks so much for all the years of being our orthodontist.  I’m really sad that we’re not coming back to California.  We both were really looking forward to having you do our braces.  We’ll miss you so much!!  You’re definitely the best orthodontist EVER!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMeigs and Caide

Very High Standards; Highly, Highly Recommend Dr. Bergh!
Visiting Dr. Bergh‘s office is consistently a pleasant experience. Always on time, always informative, caring and welcoming. The doctor has obviously very high standards in every aspect of his practice, and it shows. Highly, highly recommend him!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAStephy K.

I Recommend Dr. Bergh to Everyone
Great service.  Three members of our family see Dr. Bergh.  I am very happy with him and recommend him to everyone.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CA

Because of You, I Have a Beautiful Smile
Thank you so much for everything you have done.  It’s because of you I have a beautiful smile right now.  You are truly a perfectionist and I hope to be an orthodontist like you some day.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAAni M.

Impressed By The Care
Wow! Great office. All of my questions were answered by the staff and Dr.
Bergh. Dr. Bergh took the time to make a connection with my 8 year old who will be starting a phase one treatment. I am really impressed by the care that the office shows. Only our first visit and it felt like visiting family.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMichelle

Highly Recommend
Very friendly staff. Very professional. Gloves and face masks were used and appreciated. Highly recommend.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAMichael S.

Thank You for My New Smile
Thank you sooo much for my new smile!  Now when I smile, I can actually show my teeth!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CANicole W.

Dr. Bergh Rocks
Dr. Bergh and the entire staff rock.  They are beyond professional.  They are VERY understanding and kind. 🙂
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALiam K.

A Perfect Smile By Dr. Bergh
Dr. Bergh and his staff are AWESOME!  They did a fantastic job to give me a perfect smile.  All my friends have been giving me complements ever since I got my braces off.  Dr. Bergh makes a dream into a reality.  I’m so glad I chose Dr. Bergh for my Orthodontist.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJessica H.

Amazing Service
I want to commend ALL of you on your outstanding practice and service.  It was amazing!
I am so excited about this new venture and feel I am in the ‘best’ hands possible.
Thank you so much for your incredible care of me.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALinda S.

A Great Experience in Orthodontics @ Bergh Orthodontics
From the very first day I walked into the office, I was treated with so much courtesy and professionalism.  Dr. Bergh and his staff of wonderful ladies have made this a unique experience for me.  Thank you for all your attention and for bringing my smile back! 🙂
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJose H.

Best Orthodontist Ever!
Dr. Bergh and his staff are terrific! My kids and I are so grateful for the positive experience we’ve had and continue to have.  I highly recommend them.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASandra S.

The Best Orthodontist
Dr. Bergh and his staff have always met our expectations.  Dr. Bergh is very professional and good at what he does. My niece and daughter are patients of Dr. Bergh as well.  Every time I’m in the clinic…the staff welcomes me with a warm greeting and a smile all the time.  Their office is very helpful with the payment plans.

They offer flexible payment options and they are willing to adjust to your needs.  I have been recommending Dr. Bergh to all my friends and family.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJohanna S.

Better Than I Ever Expected
As a current patient, I can’t be more happy with the results of my treatment with Dr. Bergh and his staff. They are very professional in their service and take time to answer all my questions thoroughly.

I looked at about 5 different orthodontists around the area and did some research on the Internet. I then visited two orthodontists and finally decided on Dr. Bergh. There are two qualities that attracted me to Dr. Bergh: his experience and his expertise. Before stepping into his office I already knew he was an adjunct professor at the USC dental school. He is an expert in his field.

After 2 1/2 years, I can say that my results have been better than I had ever expected. I whole heartedly recommend his service. I always found my interactions with him to be warm and personal.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJason P.

I’m So Pleased With My Daughters’ Smiles
My name is Cindi, I am a registered Dental Hygienist. I have been practicing for 22 years now. When it was time for me to find an orthodontist for my three girls, my pediatric dentist gave me three names of orthodontists in my area, and told me that with my background to interview each, and pick my preference. I chose Dr. Bergh for his gentle demeanor, professional attitude, and his punctuality.

I found the office staff to be incredibly professional and friendly. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with their smiles and can truly say the past 11 years have been a pleasure, working with Dr. Bergh and his staff.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bergh‘s orthodontic office!!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CACindi L.

“Perfect” Service
Dear Dr. Bergh and Staff:
This is the perfect time to express our deep satisfaction with the services which you have provided our family. Your organization has provided “perfect” service. We want to thank you for the professional way in which you run you organization.

You have consistently kept your appointments with us. Your office is beautiful as well as efficient.
You and your staff are always gentle.

We look forward to seeing the office staff as well as the technicians because they maintain a cheerful and professional attitude.

We will continue to recommend you and your staff to our friends and family members. Thank you again for providing a great service. You have made a difference in our lives.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAConnie V.

A Big Thank You
Dear Dr. Bergh,
I want to thank you for your superior orthodontic care for my son, Chris. It has always been a great experience at every visit. I don’t know of any other medical/dental facility where one is treated so exceptionally well.

You and your staff have been a part of my life for so many years as my daughter, Ashley, 20-years old, also went through orthodontic treatment with you. You will all be missed.
Thank you again,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAJulianne E.

My Son is All Smiles
Dr. Bergh and staff were friendly and professional. The results are fantastic.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAZack Z.

Amazingly Easy
My lower teeth were quite twisted. I never thought the Invisalign could fix
teeth that were so bad. Surprisingly the teeth are where they belong now.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CACarol L.

Dear Dr. Bergh,
I just wanted to thank you for your superb orthodontic treatment. I am thrilled with my new smile!
In addition, your staff have been friendly, knowledgeable, and caring- qualities that I greatly appreciate.
Thank you again, and it has been wonderful having you as my orthodontist.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALillian R.

Dear Dr. Bergh,
On behalf of Dr. Devnich, Ervie & Staff, we congratulate you on your anniversary here in Glendale. Here’s to many more years!
We consider you to be the best and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CADr. Devnich & Staff

Dr. Bergh, Our sincere thanks to you and your staff for your excellent care of Nicole and for the fine job you did on her teeth. We were very concerned about our granddaughter’s problem and are very happy it’s turned out so fine.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALamar and Anna May N.

Dr. Bergh and Staff,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me, my brothers and friends. You can always count on me for any referrals.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAConnie R.

Dear Dr. Bergh and the Entire Office Staff,
Thank you so much for the fantastic care over the past year. I am thrilled with the results and will certainly spread the word about your GREAT office.
Thanks again,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASally D.

Due to scarring to my mouth, my bottom teeth were drifting out severely to the point where I could stick my tongue right through between my top and bottom teeth. Dr. Bergh assured me during my consult he’d be able to get my teeth back in alignment with minimal amount of pain and discomfort, and he did just that.

If you’ve checked out Dr. Bergh‘s credentials, you know that he’s an assoc. prof at USC dentistry school. He’s very knowledgeable and professional. He’s also a kindly and soft-spoken man with one of the best bedside manners you’ll ever see. His staff are always courteous, friendly, and professional.
Very happy w/ Dr. Bergh. Highest recommendation!
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CALuu T.

Dear Dr. Bergh
Thank you for everything you have done for me. You gave me a wonderful smile and kept my teeth healthy.
I hope you won’t forget me, because I will not forget you and your staff. I’m sure everyone that enters or entered your office feels the same way about you as I do. You are a great dentist who cares about his patients.
Thank you,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAArthur A.

Dear Dr. Bergh:
Thank you so much for your fine work with Ariana. She looks beautiful, and she tells me she feels beautiful, too.
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care and time you put in for Arian’s sake. We are very grateful of your fine work, and you will always be considered a part of our family.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAAndrew V.

Dear Dr. Bergh,
I just want you to know how much we appreciate all you are doing for us!
I also love you manner with Monika, and your kind yet firm approach to her situation.
She respects and likes you, looking forward to each appointment and taking great pride in caring properly for her appliance. I feel we are making progress with curbing the thumb habit.
Thank you so much for everything
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CABesty B.

Dear Dr. Bergh,
Thank you very much for your great job on Shizuka’s smile. The certificate and before & after pictures will be her memories.
I was impressed to find that you volunteered to donate money to cancer society. Right after I read the newsletter, I received news that one of my relatives in Japan found out she has a breast cancer. She is still 40 years old. Sad news was eased off knowing there are people like you trying to support sick people. Thank you for lighting up a dark path.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAToshiko

Hi Dr. Bergh,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your wonderful staff. Carrie walked Grace patiently through the brushing drill yet again. Icing on the cake was the sweet follow-up note she sent Grace later that week.
Kudos, too, to Christy who is always wearing a smile and bringing her “A” game.
See you in March,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAWendy H.

Dear Dr. Bergh,
I am really thankful if it wasn’t because of your staff and the Glendale Healthy Kids I wouldn’t have a great smile. The girls were always nice, and treat you well. Thanks Dr. Bergh, you totally changed my life by giving me a nice smile.
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAIvon M.

To: Dr. Bergh,
Words cannot express on how thankful I am towards you and all the special people that work by your side. I really appreciate the way I was treated on my every month visits.

I also thank you for perfecting my teeth.

Thanx to you I can now smile proudly. It feels so good having people complementing me on how nice my teeth look. Thank you very much

From: the one and only but never lonely,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CAGlenda L.

Dr. Bergh and Staff:
Thank you very much for your kindness throughout the years. Your staff is wonderful! They are always so sweet and they always made me feel welcome.

Dr. Bergh, your work on my teeth was beautiful. You were always very attentive and patient with me. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to have such a great orthodontics like you.

Good luck with all your new patients and keep up the good work!

Thanks again,
Top Rated Orthodontist In Glendale CASidalia C.

5-Star Rated & Award-Winning Glendale,
CA Orthodontist...
  • “The staff is very friendly and professional. I love how clean and state of the art the whole office is. I would not ever think of going anywhere else and will recommend this place to anyone!”

    - Amy R.

    best glendale ca orthodontist
  • “I had such a great experience @ Brian H. Bergh, DDS, MS, APC with Dr. Bergh,! He has gone above and beyond in helping me and I appreciate it so much! He made me feel totally comfortable .The staff is always been great! I am so impressed!”

    - Jon H.

    best glendale orthodontist
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